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Up, Up, and Away

today was the day we've been talking about/preparing for/dreading for 6 months - weaning madison of her pacifiers. or ya ya's in our case. we decided we'd do the deed after she turned 3 and some friends told us of the "balloon method", which we thought sounded cute and fun. at least as fun as weaning your child off something can be.

i took madison to party city and she picked out fifteen balloons - any color she wanted.  at home we tied three balloons to each ya ya and let madison have one last good suck from each.  

then we watched as she let go...

... and they floated away forever.

we did this five times. {i saved one to put in her little box of treasures for when she's older.}  this last picture makes me kind of sad because i was explaining that this was her last one and that after it floated away she would be a big girl and not need her ya ya's anymore. it was one of the low points of parenting for me so far - knowing a couple hours later she'd be crying for them and i'd have to stick to my guns and explain it all over again, hoping she'd understand.

but overall it went well and she seemed to have fun.  we finished up with a bbq in her honor.  she thought it was just the 3rd day in a row celebrating her birthday.  we'll see how this next week goes! 

***editors note: it has now been almost 24 hours and so far so good.  bed time last night took a bit of effort - crying, rocking, singing, snuggling - but in time she went to sleep. to be honest i thought she'd put up more of a fight.  she did end up in our bed at some point in the night but it never woke me up so apparently she fell back asleep ok.  and i am updating this as she is taking her nap - which we accomplished with a little pleading and whining for ya ya's but no crying.  i wouldn't say we're out of the woods yet, but again, so far so good!


The Belks said...

I've also heard of telling them that 'the babies in heaven need pacifiers too!' as they release the balloons. Good luck!

Lindsay said...

EXCELLENT Marie!!!! I love those pictures of her sucking on her ya ya's with the balloons attached. What a big girl she is now!! :)

Kamber said...

I LOVE this post. Madison is the cutest girl!

Natchel said...

What a cute idea, Marie! It will be hard for a couple days but it will be so worth it.
I nannied for a little girl for four years, until she was 4 years old. She was totally addicted to her "bee-ees". So much so that she would talk with them in and when you took them out and she tried to talk, her mouth was almost closed all the way and clenched. I weaned her of them and then her vocabulary doubled and she was so happy talking to everyone we saw. It was really difficult. She put up quite a fight!

Colette said...

Good luck! With Rachel the sleep struggles only lasted 2 days.... until she gave up naps altogether 2 weeks later. Though I'm not sure if that was binkie related or not. But after 3 weeks of no naps, she's back to napping again no problem. :) Hope all goes well!

**Amy** said...

Those pictures are so sweet. I think I am as attached to the bink as my baby is. I am so glad you shared this with me. I just need to bite the bullet and do it! She is adorable! Thanks for the link!