***I'm determined to catch up on cataloging our family's events this year. Be ready for outdated posts galore!


Fine, I'll Admit It

i've been a terrible blogger. but i'm repenting.

for those 2 or 3 readers we've got left, here's several updates (click anything orange for the links):

Mexico Trip #3 - yeah, that one, all the way back in April, with my family

Easter as it happened for the Skinners (don't get your hopes up, just neccesary documentation)

our Zion's escapade, with pictures of the famous couple (mom and mark)

little did you know, they made their blog debut long before i announced their wedding, you just didn't notice.

pictures of the crash/memorial site from our trip out to Moab

and last, all the nitty gritty details you've been dying to hear about from our encounter with Pres. Monson. and right now you're thinking... what encounter... that just goes to show how long its been!

*in case of any confusion: these were postdated to be published in chronological order for when i decide to print this blog into a book


Double Digits

10 months

its hard to believe.

Happy Father's Day

Father's Day

i could list all the things dan is good at or some of the reasons why i love him, or why he's such a great dad but instead i'll just sum up yesterday:

he bathed the girls
had a presidency meeting
worked on his Elder's Quorum lesson
and made lunch
all before church.

at church, he and madison had some one on one time because i was home sick (which NEVER happens), and kept grace.

after church:
he took a father's day delivery to my Gpa Ellsworth for me
played with
and fed both girls (with help from his family)
took them to visit his grandparents so i could rest
and when leaving my inlaws, he packed up all our stuff, loaded up both girls, and home we went

it's just that on a day when i normally would have done everything possible to give him a day off, he tirelessly served me and the girls - something he does on a daily basis.

we have the epitome of a great father and husband at our house.

he takes care of us and we love him.

enough said.

{he even eats madison's kiddie cone when she decides his waffle cone is better}


The Imlays

this is my favorite picture i have of my mom and mark.
they look so happy.
and happy is good.

the day started with a luncheon, for family in town, at the garden house in cedar city- my mom's favorite restaurant. the food is REALLY good.

then we packed up the car and headed to the las vegas temple for the wedding. i have to be honest - all i wanted out of the day was for it to be more happy than sad. i was afraid i'd be focused on the loss of my dad, and for mark's family- the loss of val, instead of celebrating the new marriage. but it turned out to be a very good day. it helped seeing my mom so happy.

i love the temple, for so many reasons. but i especially loved being there that day. i am grateful i had that opportunity and for the peacefulness i felt.

everyone from our side of the family that was in attendance

and almost everyone that was there from both sides of the families (some had already left dinner). afterward we ate at olive garden (kind of out of control with that many people in one group) and then everyone headed their own directions. our amazing neighbors from cedar drove down to help watch my girls at the temple and then took hannah to Taylor Swift's concert that night on the strip. we are still the beneficiaries of never-ending service. thank you jessica and melanie!

we have dealt with change, change, and more change, but i still feel blessed. we are happy to have added Mark to our family and look forward to getting to know his family better.

one more shot of the happy couple.

we love you both!

My Little Sis

...is all grown up!

{photography by Studio West - Karl Hugh}

my mom serves on the school board in cedar city and sits on the stand during graduation. she got to hand hannah her diploma and give her a hug. {oh, how sweet!}

(thanks to the stewarts for grabbing those two pictures for us!)

hannah has accomplished amazing things - athletically, academically, and spiritually. she has continuously made good choices and lived the gospel standards.

her whole world changed this year. one week into her senior year she lost her dad and brother. her sister-in-law moved in and then came little porter. hannah loved and doted on him from day one. she continued to run cross country, play varsity soccer, do track in the spring, excel in school with hard AP classes, adjust to the change of her mom dating and getting remarried, and deal with the emotions and heartache that come with tragedy. she has had a hard year.

but she has persevered and conquered all that has come her way. her testimony is sure and her faith is enduring. what an example she is to me.

hannah plans to head to provo in the fall to attend BYU. (i am SO excited for her!) i know she will accomplish much there and can't wait to see what the future holds for her. boys, watch out- she's not allowed on a date with a return missionary until after her freshman year!

hannah, i love you!

The McKays

introducing robert and stephanie mckay!!

their wedding day was so much fun. it started out with a yummy breakfast (in which the attire went from high heels and suits to gym shorts and a t-shirts...) and then an afternoon wedding at the Mesa Temple which was beautiful and steph looked stunning. it was scorching hot during the pictures but we made it through 'em.

dan helped his dad and brothers prep the backyard for the reception. i wish i had before and after pictures. they completely landscaped this whole side of the yard - it looked awesome.

the rest of the pics are pretty self-explanitory, but i have to mention that my mother-in-law sewed the little girls dresses and they turned out adorable. everyone loved them and they matched ours perfectly!

bridesmaids!! (my sister-in-law lindsay)

my good friend and steph's roommate, kristina, came down for the wedding. it was so fun to see you!

check out the bow in the back - i LOVED those dresses.

madison attached herself to dan's cousin

wiped out after a hard day of playing.

all in all, a great day. we are excited about having robert in the family and we wish he and steph the best!