***I'm determined to catch up on cataloging our family's events this year. Be ready for outdated posts galore!


Why, Hello There!

its been six months...six months!?!  
i hardly remember how to do this anymore and it looks like blogger up and changed everything on me. 

some of what you've missed: 
we spent Christmas in az/ut
dan and i celebrated our 8th anniversary
he turned 31
madison turned five 
dan spent a week in alabama 
(we might be moving there next year!)
and part of another in chicago
madison finished preschool
we attended the kansas city temple open house
i ran walked a half marathon
the girls started gymnastics
we joined a pool
they started swimming lessons
and i've become a shuttle service :)

as for jake... he's learned to sit up, crawl, stand, and almost walk. he had his first haircut, survived his introduction to peanut butter, and says mama and dada.  this week we turned his car seat facing forward. he's practically all grown up now.  

these last 6 months have raced by and it makes me nervous the next 12 will too.  i wish our time here in columbia could go on forever...

 **next up - most embarrassing moments