***I'm determined to catch up on cataloging our family's events this year. Be ready for outdated posts galore!


8 Months (pictures added)

this is what we drove 4 hours each way to see dedicated on sat, april 18th. it's sitting almost directly on the resting spot of the plane.

the plaque reads:

AUGUST 22, 2008



we stopped at the Canyonlands Airport briefly before heading to the memorial service. my mom pointed out it was the last place they were seen. we could imagine them happy and tired after a long day's work, loading all the charts and boxes of equipment into the plane, and looking forward to returning home for the weekend. i could picture it. and that was hard.

then we drove several miles on a sandy, dirt road to get closer to the crash site. we stopped and parked and walked that dusty 1/2 mile to the actual spot. what surprised me was the proximity of the airport. i could still see it. and throughout the service planes were flying over head - taking off and landing. safely.

i was not prepared for the emotions i felt when i saw the crash site for the first time. we were standing on a little rise and i could see a depression in the hill where the plane made it's initial impact. the spot in which everyone was instantly killed. from there the plane skidded up the hill and across the top, leaving a burned, blackened trail i could still see, even after all the winter storms. as i walked over that last little plateau i could see where the plane had come to a rest, down the other side of hill. the ground was white and ashy.

seeing it - the actual scars on the ground from the plane crashing and burning - made me go back to that first 24 hours. all the terrifying questions i thought in my head resurfaced. i worried about my dad and brother being scared or in pain.

it was with this unsettled feeling that i walked with my family down that final slope and took a seat on the front row of chairs. i hated feeling so many emotions in such a public way. but then i remembered. i remembered that all of us, about 120 people (according to the newspaper article ), love and miss the people who were on that plane. we were gathered together in love and support - looking for peace and continued closure.

i found that.

as we sat there, with the wind blowing and dust swirling around us, i felt the Spirit settle in my heart. i felt comforted and supported.

we listened to prepared statements about each person on the plane. we laughed while remembering them and cried as we felt our common loss. it was an amazing program. uplifting music. the unveiling of a wonderful monument. a beautiful dedicatory prayer.

my floodgates opened when immediately after the prayer, they propped up pictures of the ten people. as soon as dallin's was visible, madison yelled, "da' in, da' in, da' in !" he always wanted madison to like him and worked hard to win her over - he should be proud!

it was a really long, hard day. but i left feeling more at peace. the sacredness that i felt in that spot, in those hills, i will never forget. i will take my family there one day so they too, can feel it.

*a special thanks to the FBLA of cedar city high school. they made this monument and memorial possible and we can never repay them. they made saturday such a special day and gave us something that we will cherish forever. thank you for your service.

*pictures finally added:

site of the initial impact, the stakes outline the entire crash site. look at the sky and mountains; what a beautiful backdrop!

the airport is visible from the crash site, just several miles away. it is the low lying white buildings in the distance.

top of the plateau where the plane slid across and then down the next side

the plane finally rested down this hill, about where the memorial was held.

this was our whole group: dan and the girls and i, my mom, kamber, porter, mark, hannah, and dalyn (kamber's sister, same pronounciation as dallin, my brother)


Zion's Escapade

we took advantage of the gorgeous weather today and headed down to Zion's National Park. here's how it went down:

11:15 am - scheduled departure time - we walked out the door at noon
12:35 ish - stopped for gas and drinks in Hurricane
-porter had a blowout which caused kamber to need a new, clean shirt. the third store we stopped at carried shirts and happened to be owned by the brother of mandy johnson, who was on the plane with my dad and brother. they so kindly gave kamber the shirt for free.
1:30 - we finally leave Hurricane headed to Zion's
2:00 ish? - arrive, fix lunch, nurse babies, load back packs, use the bathroom, fill up water bottles
3:00 ish - finally start the hike to the lower emerald pools - 2 hours late :)
2 minutes later - madison has gravel in her shoe and needs it readjusted
one step later later - madison has gravel in her shoe again
it's going to be a long hike at this pace!
another step later - yep more gravel
and another 2 steps - gravel

next time we won't let madison hike in her crocs!!!

we had a good laugh about it and eventually made it through the hike and safely home

a few pics to satisfy your curiosity:

checkout kamber's awesome back pack! it's pretty sweet and porter was traveling in style. she even had an attached 'rear view' mirror to check on him.

madison enjoying grandma and grandpa mark (this was the gravel-in-the-shoe part of the trip)

madison wanted dan to carry 'bof' (both) she and grace.

this is when madison insisted on walking by herself - as you can see, we got a little behind.

ice cream at zion's lodge

i forgot how incredible Zion's National Park is. the scenery is amazing and for anyone that hasn't been, put it on your list of places to go!


Memorial Video

sat was quite a long day. we traveled to moab for a memorial dedication at the crash site. HERE is a short clip about it (i'm wearing yellow). more on it later.


We Made It


after 8 1/2 hours on the road with a toddler and two little babes, we rolled into this wonderful place last night...

grace and porter may or may not have been in their car seats for the last 15 minutes of the drive. you do what you have to do - thats all i have to say about that!

last year, dan scheduled a medical rotation with my dad - but now instead, is working with my dad's previous "partner-to-be" who is in the process of buying the practice from my mom. complicated. very much.

that brings us back to our little family driving up (with kamber and porter in tow - they were returning from her sister's missionary homecoming) to cedar city to live for 3 weeks. today was cold and rainy. i absolutely loved it.

it's good to be here.

call. email. text. stop by.

lets get together!


Easter 2009

Easter was a crazy day for us. we rolled into town from mexico the day before, enjoyed a fun family-packed Easter Sunday and the next day drove up to Utah to spend 3 weeks. madison's favorite part of the morning was her HSM pillow she got from the easter bunny with troy and gabriella on it. (i can't believe i haven't blogged about her HSM obsession - one of these days....) in the future i think the easter bunny will only bring church/religious paraphernalia to our house. :)

sharing jelly beans with grace

madison had her first Easter egg hunt EVER at G&G Lebaron's but wasn't quite sure why she didn't find candy in her hard boiled egg.

poor grace was congested but being the trooper she is, with all our traveling and busyness, was her happy self and looked adorable as usual.

the LeBaron family never fails putting on a a good holiday dinner for the masses and even had the tables decked out for the occasion, color coded and all!

even the kids table for the great grandkids looked good! although all that candy right in the middle made for a hard time trying to get madison to eat her food. oh well. a little sugar never hurts anyone...

this last thing is a video we took right before we left, of madison and brayden, her second cousin, playing the piano together. they were too funny. poor brayden was trying to be so sweet and madison's stubborn streak is pretty apparent! kids are hilarious!


Mexico Trip #3

our third and final trip to mexico (within a 5 week period) was with my family - my mom and hannah, dan, the girls, gma and gpa farnsworth and uncle rob. we stayed at my parent's beach house in Rocky Point and played lots of games, ate too much food, relaxed on the beach and watched some crazy kite flying!

we came back to the house after going to town one day and found this:

cRaZy seas

i've never seen the water so rough in all the years we've been going. it was all the way up the beach and hitting the storm wall and washing up on the boat ramp.

hannah was brave and got the closest!

what better place to read scriptures than a window seat looking over the ocean?

some serious game playing

on a different note: this was the first time back in Rocky Point, as a family, since the crash. one year ago in May was the last time we were all together. it will forever hold a place in my heart. my dad and dallin LOVED it there.

my mom brought some of dad's church clothes to mexico with her, to donate to the branches there, in hopes they would benefit young men going into the mission field. my dad loved missionary work and supporting missionaries. it seemed fitting but was hard to watch it go.

the hardest part of the trip for me was when i found this on the top shelf of my parents storage closet. my dad's hat.

in almost every picture we have of him in mexico he's wearing it - or one like it. he left it there for the next time he'd be back to use it. seeing small, unexpected things like that bring emotions rushing back.

i brought the hat into the beach house where it kept us company all week. it also came across the border with us and right now it's sitting on top of my fridge. till i find a better place for it.

i went into the trip expecting it to be bittersweet. we felt a big void and missed those who weren't with us, but rocky point is a special place - somewhere where i will always feel close to them. it's a place where memories were made and won't be forgotten.

{last may}


She's Got The Moves

i laugh out loud every single time i watch this -
granted, i think every thing she does is pretty darn cute.

did you notice how dizzy she was at the end?

we love this girl!


Wow. Hard Night.

somehow, between:

my mom going alone to take pictures of hannah on prom night,

me having the cutest video of madison dancing
that my dad would think is hilarious,

kamber telling me about her and porter attending dallin's mission reunion without him,

and my husband, brother-in-law, and father-in-law going to the Priesthood session of General Conference together tonight-

i fell apart.

but while picking up the pieces, i am grateful for the counsel we received today.

i am grateful for our prophet and apostles.

i am grateful for my knowledge and my testimony.

i am grateful that
families can be together forever

Mexico Trip #2 - Friends

quick summary: this trip was a mere 36 hours after the first one (we drove to Tucson for Match Day in between them)! we went with the soelbergs (alan and erica) and miners (brad and meghan) and it was so fun! we stayed at my grandparents time share and though i started out really nervous to 'host' the vacation, i think it turned out really relaxing and it was great to catch up and see our kids play together.

can you see tiny little madison on the right? i waited to see where she would go and she walked all the way back to the beach house (on the left)!

elise miner (9 months?)- she is adorable!

grace (left) and mae (right) soelberg - their clothes matched almost the entire time and it made me so excited for my girls to get older.

baby claire (5 months) - she and grace (my grace) are 3 days apart

my grace

grace and claire got to 'play' in the pack and play and have tummy time together

enjoying sunset on the beach before the BBQ

we found out mae is a chocolate lover when we made s'mores

the only thing better than a camp fire on the beach is
a gas fire pit,
at the beach house,
right on the beach
- no sand, no clean up, no smoke

our sabbath beach attire - we attended a small spanish branch

lunch on the patio - love the view!

madison and probably her two favorite things - her dad and "ish" (goldfish)

grace and grace

i have to explain the picture above and below. madison is obsessed with high school musical. actually, she is obsessed with gabriella. one morning the kids were watching it and tyson and madison climbed up on the coffee table, front and center (he's 4 months older). well madison, quite loudly, starts saying, "gabriella, gabriella, gabriella" because she was excited and wanted to show tyson (above). it doesn't quite sound like that when she says it but you get the picture. tyson starts saying, "no gabriella, no gabriella", right back to her (below). which made madison angry so she started talking even louder. it ended up requiring some parental intervention. those two had a love/hate relationship going on. it was pretty funny.

enjoying our last evening

low tide and sunset - my favorite thing

this picture sums up how we all felt about the trip

pretty darn fun!!