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I Could Post About Thanksgiving But This Is MUCH More Exciting

our first one has blue eyes,
our second one - brown. 

i wonder what we'll get 
this third time around?

either will be fine by me.
ETA: June 10th


Wedding Weekend Whirlwind

things i loved about the trip to az/ut for kamber and shane's wedding:

 washable markers hooked to a carabiner by their lids -  meaning no scrounging around on the floor finding dropped markers for this mom.

 two little girls who shared one seat the whole flight - they were troopers.  
(every time grace looked out the window and saw the wing of our plane she'd say, "look mom! i see another plane out there!")

 our welcoming commitee in AZ.

happy faces all around.

**not pictured -my incredible grandparents who willingly drove me and my girls from AZ to UT so i wouldn't have to brave the roads all by my lonesome. 

the differences between girls and boys.
girls who play with flowers and stuffed animals and a nephew in the background playing in the dirt... in the garden... with his truck.
(my mom's backyard in cedar)

freshly cut sweet peas.

snuggling cousins and porter sneaking his tractor underneath the covers.

more happy faces.

spending some quality family time, limited as it was, with final preparations for the wedding.

 the 200 chair covers just needed square knots, not anything fancy schmancy. i can do square knots.

madison as a flower girl.
(photographer unknown)

the wedding ceremony.

their first kiss as husband and wife.

how grace attached herself to grandpa mark and wouldn't let go for anything.
and my college roommates who figured out how to manage grace's crazy hair and make it look adorable.
(photographer unknown)

fluffy dresses and fall leaves at the cabin.

delicious food and a beautiful reception.

awesome parking attendants aka. my college roomies.
(you guys sure worked those vests and walkies!)

best. in-laws. ever.

and our attempt at a family picture before driving back to AZ.

i planned on feeling mixed emotions going into the wedding weekend and mixed they were! it was hard to see and be a part of the hustle and bustle of preparations when i so clearly remembered getting ready for kamber and dallin's wedding a few years before.  things like kamber getting her hair and makeup done, leaving early to have pictures taken... memories just came flooding back... standing outside the mesa temple and madison just 2 months old.  but then there were  moments when kamber would smile at shane, and i realized i hadn't seen her smile like that since dallin was alive.it made me so happy for her; truly happy.  watching shane with porter was just as wonderful - porter calls him dad.  it's bittersweet and incredible at the same time. 

at one point during the reception, i was sitting at a table outside the cabin with my sister in-law and roommates when i saw a group of girls visiting - some of dallin's very best friends (brooke, christine, and lindsay).  i was overcome by the reality of the situation and who was missing.  i ventured over to say hello and as soon as i was within arms reach i lost all composure and the tears started free falling. lol. not what i had planned at all.  they were sweet and understanding and patient.  we visited for a few minutes and then i pulled myself together and said good bye.  it was comforting to see them there. they loved dallin, they were supporting us, and especially kamber.  i am grateful for the sacrifices they made to be there! 

what a weekend it was - crazy busy and packed with friends and family.  i'm so grateful i was able to be there and only wish dan could have been with us also!  i am grateful to my grandparents for driving us up, and the skinners for driving us back.  i am grateful to my family, hannah, chris and my mom, for their willingness to do hard things and still choose to be happy.  they are such examples to me!  i am grateful for porter - for his smile and energy and zest for life.  so much like his dad.  i am grateful for shane - for making kamber happy and being in porter's life.  i am grateful for his open-mindedness in this unique situation and for what he contributes to our family.  we are lucky to have him. 

dallin said once, "kamber might be the happiest person i know and that's one of the things i love most about her." 

despite the heartache kamber's felt and the trials she has endured, she is still a happy person.  it's a testimony of her strength and faith.  i am grateful for her - for her smile, her laugh, and her ability to enjoy life. i am so happy for her and wish her and shane and porter the best!


"Piggy Bank!!!"

grace turned two a few weeks ago and while i have yet to post about it, i couldn't resist sharing this short clip.  how fun it was to give grace exactly what she wanted for her birthday - though i wasn't prepared for her reaction.  i love this girl! 



madi got them yesterday and she's as adorable as ever.

back in july, we noticed her right eye occasionally crossed. worried, we scheduled an appointment with her pediatrician. he referred us to a pediatric ophthalmologist and after waiting 3 months we finally got in. turns out madison is far sighted. extremely. it's common for kids and they grow out of it as they get older and with treatment so the prognosis is good. (madison's prescription is +5.0 in one eye and +6.5 in the other - for documenting purposes.)

madison was so brave with all the tools and techniques they used to check her eyes and when they dilated her eyes, she kept shaking her head, trying to get her eyes to start working and focus, i think. madison looked devastated when we told her she was getting glasses and bit her lip to keep from crying. poor girl! it was so hard to watch. i had so many questions, confused about why madison has such incredible fine motor skills when it's been so hard for her to see up close.

in the end we all came to terms with it and anxiously anticipated the day her glasses would be ready. we were told madison's prescription is so strong that often kids get headaches and nauseated as they adjust to seeing better. madison's been quite the trooper and hasn't complained once. she was taking abnormally high steps for the first 20 minutes or so and it was cute and sad and funny all at the same time. as we ventured out into walmart to pick up a few groceries madison stopped, pulled her glasses down, looked around, pulled them back up, looked around, and did that 7 or 8 times in a row, obviously noticing the difference in being able to see.  when she tried to drink out of a cup for the first time and it bumped her glasses she said, "this doesn't work anymore," and i showed her how to do it.

to be honest, i've been dreading this adjustment and the changes it might bring.  i kept worrying about madison and how this might affect her since she already tends to be shy.  but madison has taken it in stride and while still being a little bit bashful, i can tell she secretly loves everyone telling her how cute she is and how her glasses make her look like a princess. i'm so proud of her willingness to be a good sport and have a good attitude about it.  she's an example to me!

(sneaking a quick look above her glasses.)