***I'm determined to catch up on cataloging our family's events this year. Be ready for outdated posts galore!


iPhone Snippets

if i stop blogging about the present to write about the past, i'll always be playing catch up.  
so, here's a little something current.

LOVE this picture!
Christmas pjs from grandma skinner (thank you!)

have i mentioned i trained for a 5K the last two months?
yep, the jingle bell dash.  
last saturday.  
between a cough, the rain, and being wimp - i didn't run it.
BUT, i ran four miles today, in the snow, and that's a record for me.
my santa socks and elf skirt are put away for next year.


jake is madi's mini-me with darker coloring.

sidenote:  we were decorating the tree and madi kept asking for more "hookers". 
i reminded her that ornaments hang on hooks, not hookers. 
then, in her prayer that night she said, "please bless my eye brows and eye lashes, all the stripes, the dresser, and all the hookers." :)

learning to sit up is still on our To Do list but we're getting close...

outing to twin lakes - heavenly.

my boys.  so dang cute.

Christmas skirts (made by grandma!) and sweaters.
is madison saying cheese, or what? :)

the mauling dan is greeted with when he gets home from work.

we are well- 
racing between responsibilities and perfecting the art of tag teaming
loving the bits and pieces of time we spend together here and there
laughing at the hilarious and adorable children we have
counting our many blessings
and enjoying this Christmas season.