***I'm determined to catch up on cataloging our family's events this year. Be ready for outdated posts galore!


Yard (March/April 2011)

last spring, we dan spent forever working in the backyard.  he raked bags and bags and bags of leaves, shoveled a pickup full of dirt into our grow boxes, tied up the pampas grass and cut it down with the chain saw, hauled debris away and planted strawberries with the girls.  i love seeing him tackle a project and our backyard had plenty.  he even planted dozens of flowers in our front planter right before jake was born so i wouldn't have to bend my super pregnant body in half to do it myself. 

what can i say - i'm a lucky girl!

ps- the pictures at the bottom? sweatpants, princess shoes, high waters, costume jewelry, and goldfish.  hilarious and adorably unstaged.  so glad i caught those moments of sisterly love.

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